Use a USB hub to deploy Windows 7 to Intel-based tablets like the Dell Latitude ST

I recently had to test my existing Windows 7 image on a Dell Latitude ST. This is the first tablet from Dell designed for an enterprise environment. Since it has Intel-based architecture,  I knew my existing Windows 7 image would work fine on it. However, when I received the tablet it had only one USB port and no Ethernet connection. I knew that I needed at least two USB ports to build the machine, one for the USB boot media (SCCM) and another for a 3rd party USB Ethernet adapter. I discovered that a docking station can be purchased for the Latitude ST but my company management decided not to purchase it. I decided to try a USB hub in the only available USB port and it worked. The hub allowed me to use more than one USB device. I was able to boot from the USB media and use the USB Ethernet adapter at the same time.